servicesOSHA AND ASME/ANSI standards require that all slings, lifting devices and associated hardware be inspected by a designated and trained person who is competent to perform such inspections.Inspections should be performed as often as severity of work and environmental conditions dictate. While the timing of inspections is based largely on judgment and experience, a good rule of thumb is the more extreme your work conditions, the more frequently your inspections should be performed.

Many firms that are committed to safety contact Midco to conduct their required inspections.These inspections, as outlined above, are performed as often as the type and amount of sling use requires.As such, your inspection may be needed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly.

Midco will conduct to standard a detailed documented inspection of your facility(s) and equipment.Upon completion of your inspection, Midco will provide you with a detailed written report describing each item inspected and its condition.Defective items are tagged and segregated from your usable lifting devices.A report of corrective recommendations is prepared to enable your firm to attain safer sling use, longer service life and a higher level of conformance with applicable standards and regulations.For your future reference and in the event your facility is audited by OSHA, this Midco report is retained in your permanent records.

To assist you with the maintenance of your inspection records, Midco keeps a copy of each inspection too.This dual control helps insure the continuity of your program in the event of personnel changes or other administrative issues. The object of our Inspection Service is to improve your sling safety, service life and conformance by taking the complicated and making it simple.

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ServicesMidco will inspect, repair, proof test and recertify your synthetic slings, chain slings, wire rope slings and other lifting devices, including assemblies that are missing required identification tags. Each Midco office has a calibrated test machine and will provide printed certification specific to each item tested.

Some proof test limitations apply; contact your nearest Midco office for your specific testing needs.